Model puts table full of guys to shame in burger eating contest

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A skinny model from New Zealand who also happens to be a competitive eater - if that isn't an oxymoron - has just put a group of men to shame by scarfing down a 2.2 pound burger in less than four minutes. 

The video is from the 2015 Pronto Burger Eating Contest. She ate all three beef patties, two eggs, two hash browns, bacon, cheese, three buns topped with two onion rings and a side of fries in 3:40. 

Let us just say watching Nela Zissler in action is quite impressive. We don't know how she maintains that girlish figure of hers! We also feel a little pity for her fellow competitors, they didn't even seem to make a dent in their burgers. Better luck next year guys. And congrats Nela. Next stop Coney Island!