Missing wedding dress found but something is still missing

Recently, a bride had her gown dropped off at a specialty laundry to be cleaned and preserved, but at pick up there was someone else's dress in the box. After trying to sort it out, frustrated, she turned to the FOX 5 I-Team to help solve her wedding dress mess.

In this follow-up, there is a very big development, but something is still missing.

"This is the wrong dress. Hopefully, June has my actual dress," said new bride Tori Morris walking into the cleaners several days after FOX 5 reported that her dress was lost.  

The dress she wore on her wedding day and the boxed dress her husband picked up and brought home were different.   

"There's no way," June Smith Warhurst told us.  She's been in business 40 years. And when we first met her at her shop, June's of Atlanta, she told the FOX 5 I-Team she simply could not have mixed up the dresses.

"The ticket never leaves the dress. Never. Ever ever. There's never a time the ticket ever leaves the dress," she explained.

Tori told us when we first sat down with her that June, from the beginning, said it was impossible.

"June was immediately defensive instead of being apologetic and helping me find my dress."

So, newlyweds Carter and Tori Morris turned to social media to see if someone else perhaps had the wrong dress, too. Nothing. Then the FOX 5 I-Team gave it a go.

June had insisted that the gown in the box, which actually did include the bride's real veil, was the dress the bride dropped off last August. Tori insists, she didn't even drop off the dress; her husband did.

"Oh, yes, she did. I stood right here at the counter and talked to her," said June who pushed back at the time.

And when asked if she was sure, 100 percent sure, there was no mix-up...

June said, "No. No. No."
"If it's just an honest mistake and a case of a misplaced dress or they gave my dress to another costumer, I just asked her to help us find the dress," Tori told us. "She says she is unable to do that because she doesn't keep records that long."

June did refund Tori $400 for the dress cleaning.  

But an interesting thing happened after the couple's story aired on FOX 5 News. They got an unexpected voicemail from June.

Here's what she said.

"I have your gown. I knew, if we had a few days, if we had it I would find it. And I did. So you can pick it up at your convenience and bring me the other one, please."

Fast forward. The FOX 5 I-Team met Tori at the Morningside-Lenox Park shop for the dress swap.

"Good morning, I'm Tori," she said walking into the store for what she says was the first time.

June slid a box on the counter toward the bride.

Tori knew immediately, "This is my dress." But from the background came a snarky barb from a June's of Atlanta employee.

"We know."

What a relief, though, to this bride. And better yet, June's of Atlanta had successfully removed a big stain on the front.

"I asked especially to get the stain out, clean the dress and preserve it and it seems like that's been done," Tori said inspecting the dress.

We asked June, how did the dresses get mixed up?

"We just switched the tickets on the dress. And how in the world the veil got in another box I'll never figure out."

Still we wondered, where did she find it, in the shop or did another bride return hers?

June paused. Then finally asked us, "Why?

Again, another employee angrily jumped in, "That's enough. I mean, you have the dress. There's nothing else to solve."

June joined in, "We have the dress. That's all that matters."

However it happened, June is right, the dress was found. It was cleaned nicely. And the couple's money was refunded. But it wasn't quite a happy ending.

Sliding the bride's own boxed gown toward her across the counter, June said, "Here's the dress."

As the couple headed toward the door, June hissed, "And you're getting the dress done for $400 for nothing."

Tori stopped. Her jaw now visibly clenched.  "I think that's beside the point. I think if I could have got this dress done without this fiasco I would have been more than happy to pay."

And again, an employee defending June kept pushing, "Really? Really? Really? Take the dress."

"Alright, thank you," were Tori's last words. 

Yes, she got her dress, but one thing was missing.  "I would have liked an apology for the mix up, but I still didn't get that. Somehow this is still my fault, which I'm not sure how." 

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