Metro Atlanta pollen count hits 1st 'extremely high' number in 2021

(Mojca JJ via Pixabay)

If you live in metro Atlanta and have allergies, today probably will not be a good day to go outside.

Atlanta Allergy & Asthma says Wednesday's pollen count charted in at 1,755 - the highest count of the year so far.

That number puts the pollen count at what the National Allergy Bureau deems the extremely high range. While metro Atlanta so far has seen a few days in the high range (which begins at 90), this is the first time the count has gone up to "extremely high."

According to Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, trees are the top culprits for your sneezing and itchy eyes today. The top contributors are oak, pine, willow, sycamore, and birch trees. Grass and weed allergies remain low.

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The previous highest count of the year so far was Tuesday, March 16 with a score of 1,191.

Physicians recommend that metro Atlantans with allergies may need to adjust their outdoor activities and begin taking preventative medications.

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