Metro Atlanta police on high alert for street racing events this weekend

The South Fulton Police chief has a message for street racers and the crowds attracted to them. 

"We will put you in jail," said Keith Meadows. The chief is on alert for potential events this weekend.

The chief has had to deal with stunt drivers before. And his officers have made dozens of arrests. 

There are a couple of roads in the city -- in warehouse districts, where the South Fulton community has heard the roar of the engines and smell of burned rubber left behind. 

Meadows and other Georgia chiefs have received information about where these drivers may be headed.

"We understand they are going to Macon for an event on Saturday, and we believe they may head to metro Atlanta after that," Meadows said. 

The chief said the drivers are not simply having fun. "It is dangerous," Meadows said, "innocent drivers can be caught in the middle of all this."

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