Metro Atlanta police agencies get access to neighbor surveillance

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As high-tech surveillance camera companies offer more options to homeowners, "Flock Safety" cameras are the latest brand that has partnered with Metro law enforcement to give police direct access to community surveillance. 

More neighborhoods are using "Flock Safety" cameras in the metro Atlanta area, and several law enforcement agencies including Duluth police are now on board: neighborhood associations install the cameras, and the devices snap photos of license plates and photograph vehicles coming in and out of subdivisions. If the HOA permits, police agencies can view the surveillance captured if there is a crime in the neighborhood.

Duluth police said several neighborhoods in the city have installed the cameras and established a partnership, after concerns over car break-ins, burglaries and mail thefts.

"Putting a face to the crime helps our investigators," said Officer Ted Sadowski with Duluth Police. Entering autos and burglaries-- it's very hard to catch the perpetrators in these types of crimes," he said, explaining that surveillance images can help officers track suspects much quicker.

The concept is similar to other popular surveillance companies like "Ring" doorbell cameras; users that share surveillance video in a "Neighbors" group automatically share the video with police agencies that participate in the program.