Metro Atlanta dominates screen in 'I Want You Back'

From Piedmont Park to the Plaza Theatre to Decatur Square, metro Atlanta dominates the screen in the new romantic comedy "I Want You Back."

The Amazon Original Movie — which starts steaming exclusively on Prime Video Friday, Feb. 11 — was shot entirely here in Georgia, and the stars say if they had to share the screen with any skyline, they’re glad it was Atlanta’s.

"I think that was a really astute thing that Jason Orley, our director, came up with, which was to say, ‘Let’s highlight Atlanta for Atlanta.’ Atlanta’s a romantic city, and it’s a modern city, but it also feels timeless and romantic. So, it’s kind of perfect city for a rom-com," says star Charlie Day.

Adds co-star Manny Jacinto, "It has the greenery, [and] it also has the rain. But with that rain comes this lusciousness of nature. It’s a perfect mix of a big city but also the trees, the parks, the BeltLine … it’s such a great place."

And while the characters in the film spend about two hours falling in and out and back in love, cast members say their love affair with Atlanta seems to be a lasting one.

"I lived in Inman Park," says Gina Rodriguez. "I loved it so much. I did the BeltLine every day. And we went to Savannah and shot and that was super gorgeous. And so, I was so much of a fan I was like, ‘Do we need to move here?’"

Star Jenny Slate says another park was her favorite, although she enjoys it most when it’s a relaxing experience.

"You know those guys that are in Piedmont Park, and they’re like, ‘C’mon, do you want to join our boot camp?’ And for me, I’m like, ‘Oh, absolutely not, I just had a baby, I don’t want to do anything at all!’ No, no, no," Slate laughs.