Men save woman's life after car runs her over in Suwanee

In a few seconds, the life of a woman jogging on Satellite Blvd in Suwanee was changed forever.

Surveillance video from EMC Security shows an out of control black Mustang careening into the woman Friday morning. James Collins believes a traffic sign saved the woman's life.

"It hit that sign and got airborne as the car got airborne it hit her and rolled over her back pushing her into the ground," said Collins.

He and three other EMC Security employees rushed across the street with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit when the loud crash caught their attention inside the building. They went to help the woman whose leg had been severed from her body below her knee.

"She was mainly saying I'm in pain I hurt. Oh my God my legs hurt," said Collins.

She was face down and bleeding profusely. First Darnell Beville tried applying a tourniquet which failed. Then Benjamin Jahnke grabbed his belt and applied one that stopped the bleeding.

"Grabbed the tourniquet immediately and pulled it back around and strapped it down and held her leg down," said Jahnke.

Suwannee Police said the teen driver of the Mustang was also injured and hospitalized. They said he was speeding with another car on Satellite when the woman was struck.

They also told FOX 5 News the 34-year-old woman likely would have died had it not been for collective actions of EMC Security employees.
"Either we are heroes or not we were able to assist this young lady and save her life and that's what it's all about," said Collins.

So far charges have not been filed against the teen driver of the Mustang, but Suwanee Police said the investigation is not over.

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