McDonough company wants answers about missing semi-truck

A Georgia outdoor-equipment company brings their semi to a truck company for service, but they say someone stole their rig right out of the yard where it was supposed to get fixed. 

McDonough Equipment and Attachments says they dropped off their tractor trailer months ago for maintenance. They say when they called to check on the progress, the yard told them someone towed away their truck. Now they’re out nearly $90,000. They want to know how this could happen. 

"To be honest with you (I’m) kind of p-----d off," said Jason Moore, a manager with the landscaping supply company McDonough Equipment and Attachments. 

They had an old 18-wheeler they used to haul heavy gear. They dropped off their tractor-trailer last winter at a nearby trucking company to get it fixed. 

"We took it up there to have service done on it," Moore said. The repair cost around $400. 

Moore called last spring to check on the progress. 

"They’re like ‘Hey ya’ll had somebody pick it up.’ I’m like ‘No we didn’t,’" he said. 

Moore tells FOX 5 the yard released their truck to a stranger who does not work for McDonough Equipment. 

"They just said somebody came and towed it away," Moore said. 

He says a guy stopped by that trucking company, paid the $400 invoice McDonough Equipment owed, hooked the semi to a tow truck and took it. 

"The guy came back a few days later, paid cash and they release the truck to him," Moore said. 

Now his company is out a lot of money. 

"They’re kind of like ‘Hey, sorry. Your $90,000 truck is gone," Moore said. 

Moore says he’s tried to get answers, with no luck. 

"They’re kind of backpedaling. They don’t really want to talk about it," he said. 

FOX 5 called that truck company. But the person who answered the phone said all the managers left for the day. We are waiting for a response. 

Moore says he filed a police report. And he says his company’s lawyer sent a letter demanding compensation from the truck company. He says he either wants his truck back or the $90,000 it’s worth.