Marietta woman charged with forging documents for insurance fraud, officials say

Marilyn Enow (Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner)

Georgia law enforcement agents have charged a Marietta woman with insurance fraud and forgery for her attempt to allegedly steal thousands of dollars in insurance payouts.

According to the Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner, between April 5, 2021 and Dec. 1, 2021, 35-year-old Merilyn Enow initiated a wage claim loss with her insurance due to a car crash.

As part of the claim, officials say Enow supplied a document with her employer's signature. An investigation, however, revealed that the signature had been forged.

In total, officials say Enow requested up to $55,000 in insurance payouts, including more than $23,000 for wages lost.

"Ms. Enow submitted a forged wage loss form and select payroll records to allege and misrepresent wages lost stemming from injuries related to a traffic accident," said Commissioner John F. King. "Given that she previously received $16,202.70 for injuries and vehicle damages related to this crash, it is clear that the wage loss claim was an attempt to inflate the original claim to receive a higher insurance payout."

Officials took out arrest warrants for Enow in Cobb County on Aug. 23 and 24. It is not known if she's currently in custody.