Marietta police ask residents to register cameras to help fight crime faster

Marietta police are using your home security systems to help them fight crime faster. It’s important to note, registering your camera will not give them access to your security system. Residents can let the city know if a home has cameras and how to contact the homeowner. So, if a crime does happen in the area, police know quickly who and how to get ahold of any video which might help a case.

“Now if a crime occurs, I immediately know you might have something on your camera,” said Officer Chuck McPhilamy of the Marietta Police Department. “I can reach out to you and ask, and you can look at your footage to let me know if there is something on there worth meeting up with you to look at.”

McPhilamy said they’ve had the system in place for about a year and hundreds of people are already registered. These cameras have already helped in dozens of cases, and they’re saving officers and detectives a ton of time.

“We are talking about the difference between a few seconds worth of a detective opening a map and being able to immediately call you, as opposed to potentially hours and hours of walking up and down a street looking to see where cameras may exist and trying to see if you were home to be able to look and look for video,” said Officer McPhilamy.

In Marietta, to register your audio or video security system go here:

Officer McPhilamy said many cities in the Atlanta metro have similar systems in place for personal security registration. Visit those police websites for more information.