Manhunt for gunman who fired at DeKalb County officer

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DeKalb County police are vowing to catch a gunman who ambushed one of their officers.

The domestic dispute suspect opened fire early Monday morning at the Wesley Club apartment complex. Luckily the officer wasn't hit.

Police responded to the complex just after midnight. The arriving officer met with the woman who called 911 outside the building.  He then went upstairs and tried to walk though the apartment's open door.  That's when the veteran officer was met with gunfire. 

Investigators on the scene wouldn't say how many shots the gunman fired.  But none of them struck the officer, who retreated and called for back-up.

Officers descended on the complex, cordoning it off as they set up a perimeter. Police dogs tried to track the suspect, who detectives think likely slipped out a back door. For a while the dogs had his scent, but they ended up losing it.  Helicopter searched in the sky. At least for now it appears the gunman escaped. 

Police tell the gunman to surrender, saying they won't rest easy until he is captured.

Police think there was probably other people inside the apartment, but wouldn't say if they were children. They also didn't release a description of the man they are looking for.

The department will give the officer plenty of support to make sure he is OK both physically and emotionally.  His South Precinct supervisors say the shooting angers them, and tell FOX 5 it was a combination of luck and the officer's skill that prevented him from being badly hurt or even worse.