Manager says AT&T technician stepped on water line that flooded apartments

Three families were left homeless after a water line broke at a Newnan apartment complex on Black Friday.

That water line was in the building’s attic and the victims told FOX 5 it took more than 45 minutes for crews to turn off the water.

The community is assisting in raising funds for the families affected.

Damage from flooding caused by broken fire sprinkler line.

Bradley Payne, assistant manager of Creekside at White Oak apartments, said an AT&T technician installing a resident's new service was working in the attic when he stepped or fell onto a fire sprinkler line, breaking it. 

Once the flood was turned off, the ceilings collapsed in all three apartments, sending a blizzard of insulation down on the furniture and floors.

Michele White, who lived on the third floor told FOX 5:

“We are just trying to find our footing. The best thing that came out of this is that we didn’t know each other as neighbors and now we are friends. We call ourselves the single mom’s club because we have really had to pull ourselves together and lean on each other for support.”

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Michele White, Jennifer Edmond and Mialissa Hall.

All three are single mothers. They lived directly above one another. The volume of water from the broken sprinkler line was the equivalent necessary to put out a fire in a three-story building. It poured down on their possessions, ruining everything in its path.

Their family’s lives turned upside down with damaged property, shuttling from one living space to the next. And it’s taking a toll on their children and rights before the holidays.

“All I keep hearing is Christmas is destroyed," Mialissa Hall said.

Damage to apartment at Creekside at White Oak in Newnan.

"I have a four-year-old and he cries at night," said Jennifer Edmond. "That is what I am dealing with right now."

"My kids are really angry and they are taking it out on the video games. They are hurt and scared," said White. 

There is a Go Fund Me page set up to help them with the many expenses that insurance won’t cover. The page also lists sizes for donations of children’s clothes.

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