Man says he was dragged by car

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Head to toe, David Haddock is hurting.

"I have injuries on my feet here. My hand is cut up right here," said David Haddock.

His hand, shoulder and backside were bruised, cut and bandaged. Haddock said he was injured after an encounter with two men in a dark Acura around noon Tuesday. He said he was walking home on Smith Street SW in Atlanta from the store when the passenger started asking directions to a house. Haddock said when he bent down into the car it suddenly took off.

"He grabbed me and drugged me. He had my arm hung inside the window," said Haddock.

He said he was dragged about two hundred feet when he found himself on the wrong end of a pistol.

"He put a Glock to my head, told me to get out of the car. I'm like, like roll down the window and let me out," said Haddock.

His next door neighbor, Dave Petrides, stopped by to help after hearing of the crime.

"I talked to one of my neighbors who said she was driving down the road and she saw a guy getting dragged by a car," said Petrides.

Haddock said he was hospitalized after he fell away from the car. He said the passenger got out of the vehicle and robbed him while he was down.

"They took my government issued phone. They took my wallet, my ID, my social security card," said Haddock.

He said the crook also took his birth certificate. He said he was still carrying the important documents from recent efforts to apply for disability since he has Epilepsy.

A spokesman with the DeKalb County Police Department tells FOX 5 News they had not seen the report because of the late hour they were contacted.