Man puts up signs to get people to slow down, someone runs over the sign

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Slow down. That's what one man wanted drivers to do. So Deandre Mathis put up some signs reading: “Drive Like Your Kid Lives Here.” He even bought some for his neighbors on Will Lee Road in the City of South Fulton.

People here said cars are constantly zipping up and down the road. Welcome All Park is on the road and Mathis worried about the many children who go to the park.

"Quite often kids are darting in and out of traffic and if a driver is going too fast, it creates a dangerous situation," said Mathis.

Dora Stegall said the signs worked for a little while.

"We were hoping for it to slow down a little and it did some, it's better than it was," said Stegall.

But over the weekend, someone ran over the sign in Mathis's yard and took out his mailbox. Broken and crumbled bricks were strewn across his lawn and the sidewalk. He believes it was intentional.

"I sympathize for a person who would take that approach to people merely wanting their neighborhood to be safe for their children to play," said

City of South Fulton Councilwoman Helen Zenobia Willis said she's determined to find out who did it.

"I'm confident it was someone who did not agree with the message and whoever that person is, we are seeking to find you," said Willis.

Willis said she has asked the police to do a thorough investigation and wants them to increase patrols.

"I'm also going to look into reducing the speed limit around the park area," said Willis.

As for Deandre Mathis, he said his sign is going back up.

"Just as a reminder to people that there are kids in this neighborhood and we'd appreciate it if they'd slow down," said Mathis.