Man posing as alarm rep in southeast Atlanta

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A really frightening moment for a southeast Atlanta woman and other neighbors after she said a man posing as an alarm representative approached her in her driveway.

Desiree Andrews said a green four door car parked in front of her house on May Avenue and blocked her in Thursday afternoon.

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“He said he was here to upgrade our alarm panel,” said Desiree Andrews.  “That was really strange because our alarm company is really great and they let us know when anyone is going to be coming over via phone and email and since I had not gotten one, I looked at him said I'm sorry I have an appointment, we are going to have to do this later and he looked at me and said, but I am here with the security company, I just need to go and switch it out.”

Andrews said she did not let the man in and called her security company who told her they did not send any representatives to her home.



Andrews posted the alert on Nextdoor, a free private social network for neighborhoods.  She said others commented adding that a man approached their homes posing as an alarm representative.

Andrews said with recent break-ins in the area she is speaking out to warn others and raise awareness in her neighborhood.



“It is overwhelming,” said Andrews.  “Your first scared because you have seen everything else that has happened, you watch the news and neighbors this has happened to and you are upset it's actually coming to your area, to your neighborhood.”

Atlanta Police said at times criminals may pose as someone else if the door is answered to check if anyone is home, sometimes the moment someone opens the door they will force their way in.