Man indicted for murder of mother of four

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A grand jury in Fulton County has indicted a man in connection with the August 2016 death of a mother of four on Thursday.

James Gresham, 50, was indicted on murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, abandonment of a dead body, and concealing the death of another. The charges come after police found the badly decomposed body of 26-year-old Morgan Oller rolled up in some bedding in a grassy area along Chappell Road in northwest Atlanta.

The DA's office said detectives received a tip Oller was last seen with Gresham at an apartment that was believed to be the sight of Oller's strangulation death.

Gresham was arrested on March 15. The grand jury indictment showed Gresham was early on considered a flight risk and denied bond, keeping him behind bars.

"It's kind of like a whirlwind you don't expect your daughter to be found dead that," said Oller's mother Mitze Hester.

Oller’s mother told FOX 5 News she believed her daughter had become addicted to painkillers following the birth of her fourth child which lead her to heroin. She said her lifestyle likely played a factor in her death.

"Morgan was one of the most kind, giving, loving people that you could ever meet," said Hester. "I'm my daughter's voice. She's my baby. And I was going to push forward to get whatever we needed to find out who did this."

"This is where she stays now," Mrs. Hester said as she pointed to her daughter's urn on the fireplace mantle.

With her daughter's ashes and reminders everywhere, Mrs. Hester hired a private investigator in parallel to the investigation of police and the district attorney's office.

As she waits for justice in the courtroom, Mitze Hester has unflinchingly become a role model for other parents whose children could be facing addiction issues.

"Don't ever say your kids won't do it because they will. And what parents don't understand is just one time is all it takes," said Mrs. Hester.

She has begun a nonprofit, Morgan's Christmas Hope, which provides a complete Christmas, to children of addicted and struggling parents.

"A complete Christmas, everything from Christmas trees to Christmas dinners," said Mrs. Hester.

No word on Gresham's next court appearance.