Man gets life sentence for child molestation

A man was convicted of repeatedly molesting a young girl, and has been ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison., according to Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds

On June 22, a Cobb jury convicted Robert Lee Martin, 37, of Marietta, of molesting a young relative. The evidence at trial showed the abuse continued from the time the victim was 10 years old until she disclosed in 2014 at age 14, according to officials.

The child testified during the four-day trial, detailing the years of abuse she endured at the hand of the defendant.

“The true hero in this case is the victim. This young girl stood up in the face of people who did not believe her and spoke the truth about what had happened to her,” ADA David Williamson said. “This verdict sends a message to this victim that she is believed.”

During the sentencing hearing Thursday morning, Cobb Superior Court Judge Robert D. Leonard II told the defendant that he should have protected the child but instead had preyed on her. 

“If you will do this to your own flesh and blood, you’ll do it to anybody,” Judge Leonard said. “So, now it falls to me to protect her, and every other young girl in this community, as best I can. In my view, the best way to do that is to make sure you never walk around a free man in this community again. Accordingly, I will sentence you to a life sentence plus 90 years consecutive. In fashioning this sentence, it’s my intention that you never get paroled and die in prison.”

Marietta attorneys Justin Wyatt and Joel Bergstrom represented the defendant. This case was investigated by Marietta Police.