Man finds lost iPhone at the bottom of the ocean, it still works

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Courtesy: Imgur/ehtnaerokyug

If you've ever done that frantic room to room hunt for your beloved cell phone or lost your phone in your couch, under the seats of your car, in your purse, or simply left it on silent, the battery died, and you can't even call yourself to find it -- you will cheer for joy at this story and this man who is simply winning at life but UNBELIEVABLE odds.

A man who, was kayaking in Monterey Bay, was enjoying the day with his iPhone 6 safely locked in a new waterproof case when then unexpected happened. He fell out of his kayak a few times. Upon pulling himself back up into his craft he heard a pop but didn't think much of it. It was only after he got back to the dock that the snap he heard was the waterproof case snapping off of the neck lanyard. 

The man was obviously not happy. And the kayak company tried to retrace his route in the open water. But anyone who's ever seen Castaway and knows how quickly 'Wilson' floated away knows, the ocean is a big place, things float away and sink, fast. Needless to say our man did not find his phone. 

But that didn't stop him from having hope that someone would turn it in and so he activated his lost my phone feature. 

Fast forward a month and a half, on May 8, a couple was kayaking and scuba diving in Monterey Bay. They found a phone on the ocean floor. Later when they surfaced they turned it on and were able to contact our man. 

Yes - a month and a half later, after being submerged in the ocean, the phone was still FULLY FUNCTIONAL and our man was reunited with his beloved cell phone.

See miracles do happen. 

Some people on Imgur have questioned whether this story is real and if it's not just an ad for the waterproof case company. The man who lost his phone has adamantly said no. We'll let you decide that for yourself. But either way, it's great to have hope that there are still some honest people out there and that if we ever lose our phone in the ocean, it will come back to us.