Man denied his right to vote?

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A registered voter says he was denied his right to cast his ballot Tuesday evening. David Lewis says if that wasn't bad enough, he even had the cops called on him.

Lewis says he stood in line at the Lang-Carson precinct in Fulton County for about an hour. It was after 7 p.m. when he stepped outside to get some water. He says as he tried to walk back inside, he was confronted by a poll worker.

"He tells me you just walked off the street, you can't go back in there," said Lewis.

Lewis says she pulled out his ballot forms as proof and says there were others in line who stood up for him. One of the witnesses was Aaron Wilder who is a poll watcher.

"I spoke up to let the poll worker know I saw him come out of the line and he hadn't come from the street, in fact, his bicycle was behind the poll worker on the porch," said Wilder.

Atlanta Police confirm an officer was working nearby and was called over to intervene.

"When the Atlanta Police arrived they told the voter he would have to leave or be arrested for criminal trespassing," said Wilder.

Lewis says he left without voting.

FOX 5 News contacted Fulton County about the incident and was told they're still gathering details. Officials released the following statement:

"Fulton County is committed to ensuring that every voter has an opportunity to cast their ballot.  We are not aware of any incident with a voter being removed from the Lang Carson precinct.  We carefully review any complaints received as part of our post-election review process and will take appropriate action as warranted."

Lewis says he has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and plans to meet with Fulton County election officials Thursday.