Man arrested for stealing $11K French bulldogs from Cobb County Petland

Two expensive puppies were stolen from a Cobb County pet shop. Both puppies were French bulldogs, which cost more than $11,000 each.

Marquivus Sallie, 24, is charged with felony theft by shoplifting. Court documents show Sallie and an accomplice went to the Petland on Barrett Parkway, asked to see French bulldog puppies, and then ran out the store with the little pups under in their arms.

"It's unfortunate that people would do things like that," said Trey Harris, who likes to go to Petland to see the animals.

Harris knows Frenchies are the popular breed these days.

"It's a trend with a lot of influencers, entertainers, artists. It's a new wave for pets right now, which is crazy," said Harris.

The warrant also says Sallie posted the puppies for sale on his Facebook page. Sallie is also charged with theft by deception for selling one of the puppies for $5,000.

"I think it's crazy that people nowadays steal puppies and sell them," said Joshua Curtiss who recently got a new dog.

Curtiss can understand how people who want a new pet can fall for scams.

"I just got scammed on Facebook three or four months ago before I got my dog," said Curtiss.

"We're in a different time right now people just need to dig and get some morals," said Harris.

FOX 5 has learned one of the puppies was sold to a woman who lives in Florida, that puppy has been found and is okay.