Man arrested for filming up women's skirts in Austell

A man has been arrested for taking an inappropriate video of a woman while she was shopping at a metro Atlanta Walmart. 

Twenty-three-year-old Anthony McGee was arrested for taking a video up the skirt of a woman while she was walking through the store on the East West Connector in Austell. 

"I didn't even know people did that; that's actually gross. Honestly, it's really disrespectful," said Jasmine Brown, who has shopped at the Walmart in question. 

Court documents reveal McGee used "his cellphone, turned it upside down, and activated the light on the back, and held the cell phone underneath the skirt of said victim while she was shopping." 

The charge is knowingly using/installing a device to observe, record underneath or through an individual's clothing. 

"He's got nothing else to do but to look at ladies' underwear?" asked Ronwynne Ogle, who has also shopped at that Walmart. 

McGee was booked into the Cobb County jail over the weekend; however, the alleged videotaping incident took place on the evening of March 13 at around 6:30. 

Cobb County police say they don't know if other female shoppers were also targeted and didn't report it. They ask if anyone has had a similar experience to contact them. 

"As a woman, if somebody had done that to me, ain't no telling what I'd do, or what I'd want to do. I just feel like it's disrespectful," said Roszena Jackson, a shopper.