Man accused of 10 robberies sentenced to life in prison

One of the southeast's most wanted armed robbers is now headed to jail for a long time. Tariq Jones committed 10 robberies in Georgia and Alabama, according to officials.

A federal judge sentenced Jones to life in prison plus 282 more years. One of Jones' victims spoke to FOX 5 about the terrifying moments when he pointed a gun right at her head.

The former clerk, who was robbed at a Newnan QuikTrip says that Tariq Jones left her with nightmares.

The QT was one of 10 armed robberies Jones was convicted of in federal court in Alabama this week. Because he has a previous armed robbery conviction, the judge handed down a mandatory life sentence plus 282 years for all of his crimes.

In the Newnan case, Jones is accused of bringing a beverage to the counter then pulling a gun.  The former clerk tells me he demanded cash from the register and then cigarettes. When she accidentally dropped the cigarettes, he escalated his threats.

At another store robbery, Jones is accused of shooting at a man and his three-year old daughter. Coweta County authorities who participated in the manhunt say it was an all out effort to end his reign of terror.