Lovett student creates peer-to-peer math videos

A 14-year-old with a love of math and helping others has combined those passions and now may get national recognition. 

"For Math's sake peer to peer videos" are the brainchild of Girl Scout and Lovett student Gabrielle Tabon.

The unselfish 14-year-old began an unusual relationship with Lindley 6th Grade Academy when she was just 10-years-old. She started donating school supplies to the students on her birthday.

So when the pandemic hit, the conscientious 9th grader immediately thought of Lindley.

"When COVID hit I was thinking of other ways I can help my peers and I immediately thought of videos," Tabon told FOX 5's Aungelqiue Proctor. I am very passionate about math. I love math in all shapes and forms."

At 14, Gabrielle Tabon has a passion for math and helping others.

Tabon translated that passion into 13 groundbreaking videos.

She got several of her friends to help with the engaging project on statistics, multiplications, coordinates, equations and more.

"My primary focus was to make sure I'm teaching them like I wanted to be taught math," she said.

Her work impressed the principal at Lindley..

"The talent, the creativity has been phenomenal," Dr. Denise Magee, principal for  Lindley said. "Do comparisons of my school data to other schools across Georgia. Then she came up with the standards that they want to focus on."

Gabrielle Tabon, 14, created peer-to-peer videos to help students with math.

Tabon is now using these videos as her Girl Scout Gold Award project. Only six percent of projects submitted will be recognized nationally.