Legoland hosts event for autistic children in Atlanta

Legoland Discovery Center in Atlanta hosted a special event for autistic children and their families.

Friday's event was put on by Jaden's Voice, a nonprofit organization that works to help and connect families impacted by autism.

Attendees had access to the best and biggest exhibits, but with a few slight tweaks.

Organizers say sensory triggers were reduced throughout the building, including dimmed lights and lowered sound, with quiet safe spaces available if needed.

"Often times when you have an autistic child and there are events you're always saying 'I'm sorry he or she is autistic," or 'excuse me, this is because of autism,'" Jaden's Voice CEO and founder Terri Matthews said. "And so here when your kid has a meltdown or there's a challenge that they have, you don't have to keep saying 'I'm sorry. You just allow them to go through the meltdown because the other families are used to seeing that."

Organizers say one of the most important things to remember about autism is that it looks different in every family and that no two people with autism are alike.