Legendary R&B singer Freddie Jackson launches podcast

“There’s something that I want to say…”

Those are the iconic opening lyrics to the 1985 hit “You Are My Lady” — and little did singer Freddie Jackson know back then just how much he’d have to say 35 years later.

“A lot of people, they just think of us one-dimensional,” the legendary R&B singer says. “They never really get a chance to see our personality.  What makes us laugh, what makes us happy.”

That’s changing thanks to “Conversations with Freddie Jackson” — a new podcast streamed Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on the singer’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Jackson says after years of performing sold-out concerts around the world, the podcast is a chance to take fans behind the music.

“The amount of No. 1 records that I’ve had, the history behind them, where they came from, how they were written, who they were written by. The last few weeks, people are making me think about certain things regarding the songs, so I’m enjoying giving them the history.”

And along with history, the Grammy-nominee is focused on the future. He’s just released a new single, called “Why” — which the singer says is inspired by current conversations about racial injustice.

“Why?  Why are we in this place that we’re in?  How did we get here?  How did we get to such a place of divide and separation?”  He said,  “A lady said to me many years ago — Miss Melba Moore — she said, ‘Freddie Jackson, music is a powerful thing.  And there’s a song for every reason and every occasion.’  And I think ‘Why’ is for this occasion.”

For more information on “Conversations With Freddie Jackson” and the new music, click over to the artist’s website here.