Legacy and traditions of HBCU marching bands remain strong

For decades, HBCU marching bands have been wowing crowds with show-style marching, dynamic sounds and plenty of dance moves.

FOX 5 spoke with several past band members about their experience and time on the field - a legacy they'll never forget.

Frank and La Keisha Johnson marched in the International Institution of Sound at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I marched in the band all my life especially in high school - dancing in the band as well. I saw them at that exhibition, and it was no question where I was going," La Keisha Johnson said. "I knew that and i was at the time 14, 15 maybe."

Their nonprofit, HBCU Culture Legacy Foundation, supports band students with scholarships, book fees, college housing and more. Since 2018, The Foundation has raised almost $2 million to support more than 5,000 band students and 29 HBCU Institutions.

"An HBCU grad has the oppurtunity to make at least $1 million more in the course of their career just from having a college degree," Frank Johnson said.

You can learn more about their nonprofit here.