Last-minute campaigning in Georgia

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Monday night, both major parties were making their final pushes from a phone bank push by gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and supporters to a Get Out the Vote prayer rally for Abrams, both parties are working hard before the big day.

At Ebenezer Baptist Church, the historic home of the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior, hundreds filled the pews for an election eve pulpit to the polls prayer rally.

“This is an important moment, all over the country people are singing Georgia is on my mind,” Dr. Raphael Warnock, the Senior Pastor told the crowd from the pulpit.

Amy Shaye, who is not a regular member of the church, told FOX 5 News the prayer rally buoyed her up for Election Day.

“I have been so anxious about this election. So all I do 24-7 is work for Stacy Abrams and the whole blue team, so this is giving me strength.” Said Shaye.

A few miles away gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp spoke to his supporters.

“Hey look, thank you all so much for what you are doing out there,” Kemp told an enthusiastic crowd.

Kemp was joined by Georgia GOP senators David Purdue, and Johnny Isakson and supporters working phone banks to get out the Election Day vote.

“We believe on Election Day republicans will turn out. Northwest Georgia, Northeast Georgia, Southeast, Southwest, we think it’s all important,” said Senator Perdue.

From President Trump stumping for Kemp in Macon over the weekend to Former President Obama and Oprah making appearances in Metro Atlanta for Abrams, the gubernatorial race has attracted a flurry of national attention.

Both sides hope big names have brought energy and enthusiasm that translated to votes.

”All eyes are really on this state and I think for good reason as goes the south so goes the rest of the nation,” said Doctor Warnock.

Brian Kemp told reporters the final days before the election have looked good.

“Our energy on the ground has been great. I mean we saw that all last week on the bus tour and certainly saw that Sunday. You can see it right here tonight,” said Kemp.

The election eve push for votes sets up a historic democratic- Republican showdown in a red state which may or may not trend purple depending on each and every vote.

“There really is too much at stake to stay at home,” said Doctor Warnock.

“I’m really looking to have a record turnout in the state of Georgia,” said Senator Perdue.