Krystal launches all-you-can-eat deal, is now offering unlimited burgers first thing in the morning

Photo credit: Krystal

Oh Krystal, what have you done?

The Southeast fast-food chain is now experimenting with an all-you-can-eat deal, offering dine-in customers the option of ordering unlimited original Krystal burgers, with unlimited fries, for just $5.99.

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"Krystal was born during the Great Depression when people needed a fresh and filling meal at a price they could afford," according to Krystal president and CEO Paul Macaluso, per a press release issued earlier this week. "We're honoring Krystal's heritage and generations of value-conscious customers who count on us to deliver on that original brand promise."

The brand, famous for its mini, square burgers, had first experimented with the all-you-can-eat idea in Montgomery, Ala., before expanding the deal to include all restaurants.

The offer, available at participating restaurants starting at 6 a.m., is said to be available for a limited time, though it currently has no end date.



There are also no stipulations barring competitive eaters Joey Chestnut or Takeru Kobayashi from partaking, despite the tremendous damage they have historically inflicted on sacks of Krystal burgers at IFOCE-sanctioned eating competitions.

May heaven help you, Krystal.

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