Kennesaw: remove or keep Confederate flags?

Kennesaw City Council members took action on the latest controversy surrounding a Confederate flag that flies in a park downtown.  

They passed a resolution asking the state to allow municipalities to decide if Confederate flags and other monuments can be moved. 

Some people want the flag taken down.  City leaders say their hands are tied because it is up to the state to make the decision to remove it.  Last week, vandals cut down the flag and stole it twice last week. 

Monday evening a small group held a prayer vigil at the Commemorative Park.  It was organized by Reid Jones, who also started a petition to have the flag permanently removed.

"We're not about hate, we're about loving each other and uniting the country," said Jones. 

Across the street stood some folks with a very different view.  

"The flag means everything to me. The stars represent each state in the south that fought in battle. This is a historical flag," said Aleshia Daniell. 

Bill Jones of Acworth also things the flag should stay.

 "To try to do away with what is historically correct, I don't believe in that," said Jones.

After the prayer circle, the group that wants the flag taken down marched to city hall to attend the city council meeting.  

The council members approved a resolution asking the state to let the city make the decision on whether the flag should stay or go.  

"We cannot change the events the brought us to this day, but we can change the events from this day forward," said Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling. 

The resolution passed 4 to 1.  Councilman Jim Sebastian voted against it.  He called it a "temporary action to placate the squeaky wheel".