Kansas zoo announces 5 of their elephants are pregnant: ‘We are extremely excited for 2025’

Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas is expecting five new calves to be born in 2025.

A Kansas zoo announced that it’s not expecting one, not three, but five elephant calves in 2025. 

Since 2016, the Sedgwick County Zoo has been working to grow their elephant herd. 

The zoo made their first big announcement that four of their African elephants were expecting calves in 2023. 

The expectant mothers' names are Simunye, Talia, Xolani, Arusi and Zuberi. 

The zoo’s elephant care team has been closely monitoring the soon-to-be mothers’ hormones to ensure they maintain a healthy pregnancy, Scott Newland, president and CEO of the zoo, said. 

"We have been continuously preparing for these pregnancies and their future," Newland added. 

This prep includes babyproofing the elephant habitats and barn. 

"Overall, we are extremely excited for 2025. It’s going to be a huge year," Newland said. 

The first calf will be born in early spring of next year. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.