Jonesboro DJ hosting quarantine block parties for neighbors

Taye Martin, a Jonesboro DJ, is using his talents to bring joy to his neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Martin, also known as DJ Newme has started a weekly quarantine block party. 

 He says he got the idea when he saw some neighborhood children playing a game outside. 

"They were clapping and stomping and humming and doing a Simon Says dance game. And they were just having the best time. They were laughing and excited and I thought, 'Hmm, I could do something like that,'" Martin said. 

He was able to get approval from his HOA and hosted his first party on April 11. 

"I'm pretty sure everybody has some kind of sacrifice from the virus. So it's a good time to just relax, be with your neighbors and your loved ones and just have a good time," said neighbor Nyesha Climpson.  

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Martin, like many others, has been out of work due to the pandemic. He says the Saturday quarantine parties have brought him a sense of purpose again. 

"To be able to give them that good time, that's awesome and it fulfills my sense of purpose at that moment in time," Martin said. 

Not only that, but he says it's a reminder of why he's so passionate about what he does

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“Bringing just some kind of joy, even if I can just give five people joy. And they’re smiling and they’re having a good time. And for those two hours they’re forgetting about being trapped in the house. They’re forgetting about their money problems. They’re forgetting about the kids are home. They’re forgetting about everything. The kids were outside, the bubbles were going and everybody was having a good time," Martin said. 

Martin says he will continue to do this every Saturday until the stay at home order is lifted. 

You can see more of DJ Newme's work on his Instagram: @dj_newme

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