Jamarion Robinson death: Mother demands Clayton County police fire officer

A mother is demanding the Clayton County Police Department fire one of the officers involved in her son's 2016 death.

Sgt. Kristopher Hutchens is one of two law enforcement officers indicted for Jamarion Robinson's death. On Wednesday, Robinson's mother, Monteria Robinson, found out Hutchens was in a training position with the department.

After the news sparked outrage, the department announced Hutchens was moved to a non-training position and released a statement:

"Recent concerns presented to the Clayton County Board of Commissioners about the administrative assignment of Sergeant K. Hutchens, to the in-service training unit have impacted the Board and the Clayton County Police Department. Chief Kevin Roberts has reconsidered the Sergeant’s assignment, and moved him to a non-training duty; effective immediately."

That decision was not enough for Robinson. She and others gathered outside the police headquarters Thursday.

"We the people demand that Kristopher Hutchens is terminated from the Clayton County Police Department immediately," said Robinson.

Sgt. Kristopher Hutchens

Sgt. Kristopher Hutchens (Fulton County Sheriff's Office)

Robinson said she believes Sgt. Kristopher Hutchens, one of two law enforcement officers indicted for murder in her son's death, should not still be on the force’s payroll.

"Where in this country can you go and be indicted for felony murder and still have a job with the company that you were indicted at?" asked Robinson. "Let me answer that question for you, in the United States of America."


Friday will be the 6-year anniversary of when 26-year-old Jamarion Robinson was shot 59 times by law enforcement officers while US Marshall's were serving him an arrest warrant.

Jamarion Robinson

Jamarion Robinson (Family photo)

Robinson said her son suffered from schizophrenia and believes the officers were not trained to execute search warrants for people with psychiatric conditions. She said she thinks Clayton County police need to take further action.

"We’re expecting for them to do the right thing," exclaimed Robinson.

While she prefers termination, Robinson said she would support other options.

"If he was suspended without pay, we would accept that and we would be ok with that," she added.

FOX 5 reached out to both the Clayton County Police Department and Chief Kevin Roberts, but did not hear back from either as of early Thursday evening.