Investigators Said Woman Lied about Justin Gaines Lead

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Authorities said that Walton County grandmother Tammy Ballew is the inmate who led authorities to High Shoals where they searched for Justin Gaines’ remains. They now know the 51-year-old burglary suspect lied.

FOX 5 News has learned Ballew is charged with false statements and writings, but it was her son, federal inmate Dylan Glass, who first came to them with information in the almost 8-year-old case.

"We had a young man by the name Dylan Glass; he came forward and gave us information that he was actively involved with Justin Gaines and his disappearance,” said Gwinnett county lead investigator Lt. Col. Carl Sims.

Glass is a self-professed gang member, who is now doing federal time on drug charges.

Authorities believe both Mother and son could be involved in the case.

“I believe there is evidence to show that yes, she [Tammy Ballew] may have been involved,” said Sims.

What happened to Justin Gaines when he disappeared from Wild Bill's parking lot back in November of 2007? Did he know his killer and how did he die?

These are questions that haunt veteran investigator Sims. Although, he won’t reveal his full hand, he will talk in general terms.

"I believe he got in a vehicle with someone he knew. They went to another location where he got into a dispute with someone that went south,” said Sims.

Although Ballew may have lied about Gaines remains, authorities believe much of her information was credible and are confident this case will be solved.

"I don't have any regrets for a day that I have worked on this case. I believe everything g we have done is worth it," Lt. Col. Sims concluded.