Internet goes crazy after release of DeflateGate courtroom sketch

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They say if you get your feeling hurt easily, don't play on the internet. And today was no exception. When a courtroom sketch was released of New England Patriots football player Tom Brady's first day in New York District Court for 'DeflateGate' the internet practically exploded with comments, memes and jokes about the 'quality' of the drawings.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, the artist, Jane Rosenberg, came to defense of her drawings saying "I don’t try to be different. I try to draw what I see. So that’s what I did.”

She also said Brady was tough to draw because he "seemed to be on his cell phone most of the time, looking down at his phone for most of the day. He didn’t look up very much."

Either way nearly everyone on twitter had a creative take on the courtroom sketch and the normally hot looking football player. Well played internet, well played!