Indiana man gives Atlanta police fake name during stop, now he's in jail

Things ended badly for a man who thought it would be wise to give the Atlanta police officer who stopped him a fake name. Now, he's spending time behind bars.

The officer stopped a black Hyundai Sonata for a minor traffic violation in the area of Chattahocohee Avenue and Ellsworth Boulevard on June 13. The officer said he noticed a passenger in the backseat was not wearing his seatbelt.

When asked for his identification, that passenger told the officer he didn't have it on him. Instead, he gave him a name and date of birth that brought up the driver's license of a completely different person.

The officer handcuffed the man and walked him over to the patrol car where a picture of that license was on display. Even after seeing it, he maintained that it belonged to him.

APD: That's you?

Man: Yeah, that's me!

APD: Bro, that is not you.

Man: I'm telling you, that's me!

The officer pointed out the man's neck tattoos and asked him when he got them done.

Man: You said, ‘When I get my tattoos?’ I had my tattoos since I was 15.

APD: There is no neck tattoos!

Man: Huh?

(Credit: Atlanta Police Department)

APD: G, are you lying?

Man: I'm not lying to you!

APD: You just told me you had your tattoos since you was 15. There is no neck tattoos.

Man: When is that picture?

He was arrested and properly identified as 37-year-old Tionte Strayhorn of Indiana.

Strayhorn had two full extradition warrants from the U.S. Marshals service and Howard County Sheriff's Office for escape and dangerous drugs violation. He was also charged with obstruction and giving false information.

"Did you think we wasn't gonna find out?" the officer asked Strayhorn before he was taken away to the Fulton County Jail.