Iconic Peachtree Road Race photo presented to family

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Wednesday marks the 49th running of the Peachtree Road Race, but Tuesday a participant in a past race was remembered.

Around 40 years ago, a photographer snapped a picture of a young man named Tim Withington and other runners relaxing in the mist of the 1978 Peachtree Road Race.

The photo became an iconic image.

It's so iconic it was used in a Nike ad and has been shown in a number of well-known movie.

Withington died some 30 years ago, but Tuesday his sisters formally received the picture from Chuck Rogers, the photographer who took it.

"For my brother who had struggled growing up, it was very important to him – for his self esteem," Tim's sister Mary Withington said. "It inspires and makes you want to go out and run and makes you want to go out and do it."

Rogers said when he saw the photo for the first time he knew it would be the most special thing he ever photographed.