Husband surprises wife with Amazon box birthday cake, because Amazon shopping is her favorite thing

It’s no secret that Amazon has transformed online shopping for the better. With fast shipping and delivery, it has become a fan-favorite in many households.

Emily McGuire is similarly a proud Amazon shopper. The photographer, says she receives, on average, two to three “lovely brown Amazon boxes” per week — and gets giddy over each and every one of them.

So, her husband Mac knew exactly what kind of birthday present would bring her that same joy.

He ordered a customized cake from a bakery made to look exactly like one of Emily’s favorite Amazon packages. Needless to say, she was overjoyed.

The cake was the spitting image of an Amazon package, complete with Amazon Prime tape. The cake even came with a happy birthday message on the shipping label.

“In that moment, I knew my husband ‘gets me,’” Emily told CafeMom.

Emily, who runs Emily McGuire Photography, posted photos of the cake on Facebook, where it caught the attention of thousands of people. At the center of that attention is Sweet Dreams Bakery.

Sweet Dreams Bakery, in Dunn, North Carolina, was the bakery behind the chocolate masterpiece. When they first received the order from Mac, they were excited to experiment with what was destined to become a very fun cake.

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“It definitely has been an exciting few days since this went viral,” Trena Norris, one of the bakers, said. “Thank you to Mac and Emily for allowing us to make her birthday a little ‘sweeter.’ We hope to create more special cakes for them in the future.”