Hundreds of Cherokee County children in quarantine after first week of school

Hundreds of students in Cherokee County began their second week of school in quarantine.  Cherokee County parents were given the choice of face to face or virtual learning. Now some are wondering how long the schools can stay open.

More than a dozen schools in Cherokee County have had at least one positive case of COVID-19. As of Monday evening, more than 800 students and close to 40 teachers and staff have been quarantined.

"All these quarantines represent families that are going to be put at risk," said Jamie Chambers.

Chambers is a worried dad. Even though his daughter is going to school virtually, he has friends who work and teach in the school system.

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Superintendent Dr. Brian Hightower posted a letter on the school district's website thanking everyone for their support and flexibility in these trying times. 

"We’re building the Digital Learning plane while it’s already up in the air, while at the same time, we’re following our Reopening of School Plan protocols and sending kids and teachers home to quarantine when necessary," he wrote.

Chambers appreciates all the hard work the teachers and staff are putting in, but he is one of many parents wondering how long the schools will continue to stay open.

"I think it will be morally bankrupt to keep the schools open much longer especially if we keep going in the direction we're going," said Chambers.

Hightower says how long the schools will stay open depends on all of us as a community. 

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"We need to social distance whenever we can, and always wear masks when we cannot," he wrote.

Hightower said at this time there are no plans to close all schools, but if that does happen, students and teachers will switch to online learning.  

Chambers says he'd love to see his daughter back in the classroom, just not right now.

"What ultimately we all want is our kids in school, but safely," said Chambers.

The superintendent isn't the only one who's saying he thins everyone is doing an amazing job in these circumstances.  A group of parents is planning a rally Tuesday morning outside the Cherokee County School District Headquarters to show their support for school officials who gave parents a choice of face to face or digital learning, and to show their support for the teachers and staff.

The rally will be at 1205 Bluffs Pkwy, Canton at 8 a.m. Tuesday.

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