Honda CRV's, Elements Targeted in Dunwoody

Dunwoody Police are on the hunt for criminals targeting catalytic converters from Honda CRV's and Elements.

“They will actually roll under your vehicle, and they will cut the catalytic converter out from under the vehicle," said Ben Brawner, a car repair technician and owner of Meineke Car Care Center in Roswell. He said all thieves need is a power saw and a few minutes in order to steal the expensive part.

In the past week, Dunwoody Police report an increase in the number of catalytic converters stolen right off the underbodies of cars. They said it's happening at residential communities near Ashford Dunwoody Road and Perimeter Center East. In one case, according to investigators, an eyewitness spotted a suspect leaving the scene in a silver Toyota.

Brawner said there are ways to protect your catalytic converter, which can cost several hundred dollars to replace.

"You can buy devices that go around the catalytic converter that will protect it,” said Brawner, “they are costly but it will prevent any of this."

But despite the recent spike in Dunwoody, Brawner said he thinks the number of thefts in general will go down down...thanks to new laws that make it tougher to sell the stolen converters for scrap.

“For you to turn in a catalytic converter, you have to have a business license, “said Brawner, “even if it's off your own vehicle, you cannot turn them in."

If you have any information on these thefts, you're asked to call the Dunwoody Police Department.