Home security camera captures tow truck stealing a car

Noah Kronemeyer said his neighbor came back from a weekend away and found his car was missing. 

Kronemeyer said he pulled up the footage from his security camera that is installed on the front of his home. The footage shows a tow truck driving past the Camaro, backing up, and then driving away while towing the car behind him. 

“I thought it had been reposed," Kronemeyer said. "[My neighbor] said no, it was stolen.”

Atlanta police said 37-year-old Arthur Lee Griffin III was arrested on Tuesday. Police said he stole a Dodge Charger back in July and they believe there could be other victims.

Kronemeyer said they've dealt with car break-ins in their Inman Park neighborhood, but they've never experienced something like this.

“If I looked out my window that night and saw the tow truck carry my neighbor’s car away, I would have thought he was just behind on payments. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it," he said. 

Kronemyer said he’s taking extra steps to make sure his car is safe and decided to put a boot on it. 

“There are 99 legit reasons to tow a car and this happened to be the one time it wasn’t legit," he said. "I probably won’t question a car being towed down the street tomorrow but I am going to be a little more cautious about securing my own vehicle at my home.”