Hit and Run with Smyrna Patrol Car

If you could think of one kind of car you wouldn’t want to hit, a police car has to be near the top for most people.  Smyrna police are trying to find the woman who backed her car into police car and left.

“When you hit a car hard enough to make the other car shake to the point of you can watch the patrol car in the video move. It’s kind of hard to believe that she couldn’t have felt that in her car,” said Sgt. Ron Waddell of the Smyrna Police.

It happened at a Smyrna Citgo station around one o’clock in the morning early Tuesday.  Surveillance video showed the woman at first parking her car and going inside the store.  The car appeared to be a black Kia Soul.

Inside, according to the video, police said she appeared to buy a six pack of beer.  While she was inside, Smyrna officers arrive to deal with a person causing a disturbance in the store.  An officer parks his car behind the Kia Soul.

When she left with her beer, police said she appeared to be in a hurry.  The video showed her backing up and smacking into the slick top patrol car.  That is a police vehicle without lights on the roof.

Smyrna police want help in identifying her.  They said they would prefer for her to turn herself in.

 “In the grand scheme of things this is a minor violation in comparison to others that we work here, but it’s just that blatant disregard for the property of the taxpayers of Smyrna that we would like to get that resolved as soon as possible,”  Waddell said.