Henry County Sheriff's Office candidate disqualified late last week

Walter Woolfork (official website)

Voters in Henry County will see three names on the ballot today that they can't vote for because the candidates have been disqualified.

According to the notice sent to Henry County voters, all votes that are cast for the disqualified candidates will be considered void and will not be counted,

One of those candidates is Walter J. Woolfork, who has been campaigning to become Hentry County's next sheriff.

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According to the Henry Herald, sheriff candidates are required to get their fingerprints taken at the Probate Court for a background check. However, Woolfork had it done at the Hentry County Sheriff's Office. Because of that, the Henry County Board of Elections and Voter Registration voted on Friday to disqualify the candidate. 

Woolfork has been a deputy for Henry County for 23 years.

Cornell Madison, who is also running for sheriff, thanked Woolfork for his willingness to enter the competition and his dedication to reforming the sheriff's office. He also said that he appreciated Woolfork's respectful approach and restraint.

There are two other candidates on the sheriff's ballot -- Willie Brown and the incumbent, Sheriff Reginald B. Scandrett.

The other candidates that were disqualified in Henry County were Loletha Hale, a candidate for State Court Judge to succeed Stephen N. Knights Jr., and Karen Prince, a candidate for County Commissioner District 2.