Series of pellet gun shootings in Henry County leave several injured

Kash Cameron was enjoying his birthday dinner with family at a local restaurant when things took a frightening turn.

His family shared video of the incident at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant on Hudson Bridge Road in Stockbridge. It was taken moments after a man in a black SUV drove through the parking lot. He shot at them with a pellet gun as the family dined on the restaurant patio. At least one of the pellets struck Kash.

"He said, 'Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!' I looked at him, I said, 'Son, what's going on? What's wrong?' He said, 'It hurt, it hurt,'" Kash's father Jermane Cameron said.

"My son comes over to me and at this point I'm thinking, ‘What just happened?’" said Cameron. "My son comes over to me, and he pulls his shirt up and that's where I saw what looked like a small circle on the left side of his rib."

Kash Cameron shows where a pellet left a mark during a shooting on June 10, 2022.

Kash Cameron shows where a pellet left a mark during a shooting on June 10, 2022. (Jermane Cameron)

Kash had been struck in the torso. His grandmother, father, and 18-month-old sister escaped injury.

The shooting was one of three reported in the area that day.

Henry County police also responded to reports of pellet gun attacks in Jonesboro and McDonough. The description of the suspect vehicle matched in at least two of the incidents.

Two women were sitting in the outdoor patio area of the La Parilla Restaurant on Jonesboro Road in McDonough at around 5:45 Friday afternoon. That is when a Black male driving a black SUV drove by and shot into the area.

Henry County police released a photo on Tuesday of the vehicle they say was used in connection to the three reported pellet gun incidents.

Photo of vehicle authorities say was driven by the accused pellet gun shooter. (Henry County Police Department)

According to the police report, the suspect reportedly "drove slowly by and asked 'Is it good?' He then presented what was described as a 'toy' gun out the driver's window and began shooting..."

One woman was hit in the neck with a gel BB projectile, a second was struck in the left eye with the same type of projectile.

At around the same time, officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Sunoco on Jodeco Road in Jonesboro.   

Two gas station employees reported they were outside removing trash at the gas pumps.

A silver SUV, possibly a Hyundai with a drive out tag, pulled into the parking lot and shot some sort of BB gun at them out the window. One of the victims was hit twice in the back by the pellets.

Kash's father said his son has recovered physically. The emotional wounds will take longer to heal.

"They need to think about what they are doing and think about what could happen. It's not funny," Cameron said.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the Henry County Police Department or Detective S. Harlan at (770) 288-8494. Text tips, photos, and videos to (770) 220-7009.