Help for Ecuador

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New aftershocks rocked Ecuador Wednesday, just days after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Saturday. More than 500 people were killed and thousands were hurt.  The devastation is having an impact on many here in metro Atlanta.

In Kennesaw, Adriana Ramirez is collecting donations for the survivors.  Ramirez is from Ecuador. When she first heard the news of the quake, her thoughts immediately turned to her father, sister and many other relatives and friends who are still there.

"My family that was the first thing I thought about. We tried to call them but all the lines were out, electricity, the internet was out," says Ramirez.

It was an agonizing day, until she finally learned her family was safe.  But she says she worried about all of those who need help.  She knew she had to do something so she reached out to neighbors through social media to help as well.  In no time, donations started to pile up in her Kennesaw home.

She has boxes of blankets, diapers for the babies and alcohol and hydrogen peroxide for the wounded.

"They really, really need water and flashlights with batteries already in them," says Ramirez.  She says those are the very basics, water and light.

Ramirez is working with the consulate in Atlanta.  She along with others are collecting what they can to send to those who have lost so much.  "I'm doing what I can, I wish I could be there," says Ramirez.