He wanted to be the Marietta Fire Chief, instead there's a warrant out for his arrest

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On paper, a man from California looked like a good candidate for Marietta's next fire chief. But police said not everything in his application was based on fact, and now there's a warrant out for his arrest. The charges are forgery and false statement or representation as a military veteran.

His name is Robert Kenneth Hume. According to the warrant, he listed 10 military awards and said he achieved the rank of Master Sergeant. Police said he lied about his rank and falsified his discharge papers.

"That's the forgery charge... falsifying military documentation in an attempt to make it look like the military had signed and received awards that he did not get," said Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy.

The inaccuracies were discovered by the city of Marietta Human Resources and Risk Management Department.

"It raises to the level of disrespecting the honor of the military and the men and women who served so it wasn't just something we were willing to overlook," said Officer McPhilamy.

FOX 5 News tried to reach Hume through the phone number he listed on his application. He has not returned the call.

Military veteran and Marietta resident, Willie Guzman, said it's disgraceful that someone would falsify their military records.

"As veterans, we look at that very seriously and denounce it. If you didn't earn it, don't say you did it," said Guzman who served in Vietnam.

Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs recently retired after holding the position for 18 years. A Marietta spokeswoman released a statement reading "We are confident we will hire the right person to fill the shoes left by Chief Jackie Gibbs who devoted 40 years of his life to public service."