Gwinnett County teachers surprise one of their students before he undergoes surgery

The school year may look a little different this year but teachers are still ​going above and beyond for their students. 

Three teachers at Woodward Mill Elementary School in Gwinnett County did just that on Monday. 

Allison Ward, Jamie Beck, and Laura Baynard learned one of their students was undergoing surgery on Monday. 

They decided to show up at the family's home at 4:30 am to surprise the third-grader and his family. 

 "We just wanted him to feel good and know that we were thinking about him, even though we haven't seen him. Just hoping to give him a little cheer," said Allison Ward, a third-grade teacher. 

They brought signs that said "we love you" to show their support and stood outside the home. 

"Mom was very nervous. and we just wanted a way to put mom and the student at ease," said Jamie Beck, a third-grade teacher. 

The student's mother came out first and was shocked at what she saw. 

"The way his mom reacted, it was just unbelievable," said Laura Baynard, a third-grade teacher. "She could not believe that we did that. And she just cried and cried. That was very special. I think she blessed us as much as we blessed her." 

The teachers said the student was happy to see them.