Gwinnett County FedEx driver rescues pregnant mother from burning car

A local FedEx driver is being called a hero after rescuing a pregnant woman from a burning car. It happened over the weekend in Lawrenceville where Gwinnett County police say a car crash moments before left her trapped inside her car. 

As a delivery driver for FedEx, 25-year-old Quin’Darius Champion says his eyes are always on the road. 

"You’re driving through delivering…you mostly see wrecks," he said in an interview Wednesday. 

Champion tells FOX 5 he watched chaos erupt while running his route on Walker Drive on Saturday afternoon after witnessing a crash at the intersection of Camp Perrin Road. 

"Right time, right place…I hop out the truck immediately…everybody was screaming," he recalled. 

Gwinnett County Police say the driver of a black Ford truck pulled out onto the road without stopping at the stop sign and collided with a white Toyota Camry. 

Behind the wheel of that Camry was an expectant mother. 

"She was pregnant…she was scared," resident Tammy Ake said. 

Ake and another neighbor tried to help after hearing the crash outside. 

She says the other driver also tried to assist. 

"My adrenaline was rushing. I ran out with no shoes, and then I realized glass was everywhere…we both came out…she was trying to get the girl out of the car and struggling," she explained. 

That’s when Champion stopped his deliveries to step in. 

"The car started to catch fire, so we had to immediately start rushing to get her out, so I lifted the door up and got her out as quick as possible," he said. 

Ake says she was grateful her neighborhood FedEx driver was willing to go the extra mile. 

"He’s a lifesaver…he got her out of that car," she added. 

While Champion is studying for his masters in forensics at UGA, he tells FOX 5 he learned those instincts from his mom. 

"My mom said if you see something happening just try to intervene," he told FOX 5. 

Police say that the pregnant woman did have some injuries, but thankfully she was okay.