Gordon Ramsay cooks up a 'generation gap' on 'MasterChef'

Just one week after "Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars" returned to FOX for a second season, the celebrated chef is back with another show marked by scorching hot competition.

"MasterChef: Generations" premieres Wednesday night on FOX 5 Atlanta, and features home cooks from four different age groups: millennials, baby boomers, Gen Z, and Gen X. Auditions will air over the next four weeks, and judges will eventually award 20 of the home chefs with MasterChef aprons. Then, it’s "game on" as those 20 contestants battle for the $250,000 prize and title of America’s MasterChef.

"This is a crackin' idea," says Ramsay. "It’s fascinating to see the difference in attitude and also the knowledge."

"MasterChef: Generations" is the 14th season of "MasterChef" — and while Ramsay won’t give any spoilers, he does seem to have an early favorite when it comes to the generations.

"The baby boomers, for me, were just incredible because their work ethic was second to none," he says. "So, there's an unsurprising moment when these baby boomers leave every other contestant aghast. Because they were powerhouses."

You can catch the season premiere of "MasterChef: Generations" tonight at 8 p.m. on FOX 5 Atlanta, followed by an all-new episode of "Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars."