Good luck keeping cool in this darkness-shrouded escape room

It’s been two long years since we spent a morning at Breakout Games in Buckhead, determining whodunit, where, and with what weapon inside the "Clue"-themed escape room. So, we decided to pay Breakout Games another visit — and this time, we really ratcheted up the intensity!

This morning on Good Day Atlanta, we experienced the latest addition to the attraction’s lineup of escape rooms, called Kidnapping 2: Afraid of the Dark. The experience begins in total darkness — players are blindfolded at the beginning — which means you and the other hopeful escapees will need to use other senses to solve some of the puzzles and clues. As with other escape rooms, the clock is ticking down — and you’ve got an hour to outsmart the mysterious "captor" and make it out safely.

Sounds challenging, right? Well, you’re not entirely without help. As we learned during our previous visit to Breakout Games, there’s no limit on the number of clues you can ask for — so if you’re stumped, you can always call out for a little assistance. Breakout’s rooms are also all "private," which means you’ll never be teamed up with strangers. And just in case you were worried, staffers say the rooms aren’t actually locked! 

Breakout Games is located at 3867 Roswell Road Northeast in Buckhead — for more information on booking a room, click here. And for a sneak peek at the new Kidnapping 2: Afraid of the Dark — starring a few of our FOX 5 summer interns! — click the video player in this article.