Good Day Atlanta viewer information June 10, 2020

Avondale Estates business showcases an “odd-itorium” of objects:  View here 

Workout Wednesday with celebrity trainer Tammy Stokes:   This week West Coast Workout's Tammy Stokes has ideas for workout for weight loss.   For more information on West Coast Workout or Tammy Stokes click here.

Designer Lee Crowder gives tips on expanding your at-home workspace: Many people are still working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. The environment is totally different from what you may be used to at the office. There may be children and pets running around, so your space may be overcrowded. Designer Lee Crowder gives tips on expanding your workspace during the quarantine. She encourages you to find a space free of distractions with ample space for work and light to pour in. Lee says storage and consistency is also important, so create a space that offers you a permanent workspace in the home to keep up your routine. 

Rob Gronkowsi helps high school football team after a fire destroys their shed: Erin Rae of Hot 107.9 talks with Sharon about the fire that broke out on the campus of Blake High School in Tampa, Florida last month. The estimated damage of supplies and equipment was said to be about $15,000 worth. Gronkowski and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to replace the shed that was built, as well as replace the equipment. You can follow Erin Rae on social media @iamerinrae

Pet of the day from the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia:  If you would like to adopt today's pet of the day click here.